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Coronavirus in Leicester - ALPHA

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Do business with us

We want to create significant opportunities for small businesses, social enterprise and voluntary and community organisations in Leicester.

We spend approximately £350 million a year on a wide range of products and services.

We advertise tenders for goods and services, providing organisations of all sizes with a wide range of commercial opportunities.

Why work with us?

There are a number of benefits to working with us

  • Considerable public sector spend
  • Good payers and proper arrangements
  • Keen to work with a broad range of suppliers
  • Chance to get involved in exciting projects that you will not find elsewhere
  • Subject to public procurement legislation. 

What we buy

We have developed a procurement plan which includes contracts that will expire within the current financial year and provides potential bidding opportunities to look out for. These are listed with the current contract value, expiry date and the division responsible for the contract.

Inclusion of a contract in the plan does not necessarily mean that the procurement will go ahead. As with all expenditure, anticipated contracts will be subject to ongoing challenge as to whether they are required, and whether/how they should be procured. This review process may impact on the anticipated value and/or duration of contract.

Social Value

Social value within procurement provides additional benefits generated by a service beyond its primary purpose. Additional social value improves the lives of people, for instance, through securing employment and training benefits for local residents; improving emotional and physical health and wellbeing of local residents; reducing carbon emissions or pollution levels, and supporting community groups and projects as part of a procurement process.

For relevant contracts, we will specify green standards we expect providers to meet and we may also include green criteria when we evaluate tenders. We will always make any green requirements or criteria clear, and you can read our Sustainable Procurement Guidance by emailing a request to us to before you tender. Any green standards or requirements will always be relevant to the type of goods, works or service we’re buying.

If you have problems accessing or viewing the documents below, please send us an email to