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Coronavirus in Leicester (ALPHA)

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Licensing service changes

We have made temporary changes to our licensing services due to the coronavirus - get more details.

Coronavirus service changes for licensing

We are working to minimise the impact of the coronavirus on our services. For that reason, we have introduced temporary changes to our licensing services.

Vehicle testing station update

Our vehicle testing station will re-open from 27 July 2020.

The services that will be available are as follows:

  • Annual inspections of licensed vehicles before a licence is renewed, including any re-tests that may be required
  • Inspections of previously unlicensed vehicles, before a licence is issued

In order to maintain social distancing and to protect our staff and customers we will not be offering the following services immediately, although we will re-introduce these on a phased basis as and when we can:

  • Six monthly inspections of licensed vehicles ('mid-term inspections')
  • Inspections of vehicles licensed by Oadby and Wigston Borough Council
  • Public MOT tests

Vehicles that are due for renewal will not need a vehicle inspection if the licence is due to expire on or before Sunday 9 August 2020.

Vehicles that are due for renewal will need a vehicle inspection if the licence is due to expire on or after Monday 10 August 2020.

Taxi licensing

  • New driver applications are not currently being processed. It is not currently possible to complete all the necessary checks.
  • New vehicle applications will be recommenced as the pre-licensing vehicle inspection can now be undertaken
  • Renewal applications will be prioritised and are to be submitted online with relevant documents attached.. Please see below for more information.
  • The temporary waiver of the requirement for a pre-licensing vehicle inspection will end on Sunday 9 August 2020.
  • If we cannot produce licences, badges, plates or door signs as normal, we will send an email confirming the outcome. Where a licence has been granted, we will attach a PDF copy of the licence. In such cases licence holders must display their existing licence/badge/plate and keep the emailed letter with them in case of any query
  • Licences, badges, plates and door signs will be issued as soon as possible and will be posted to the licence holder’s correspondence address.

Licensing (other than taxis)

  • We are prioritising tasks to ensure taxis can continue to operate and to meet statutory deadlines for other areas of licensing
  • Please apply online or by email, as we are unable to collect posted applications on a regular basis
  • Payments can be taken by phone
  • Hearings will be held online within the normal timescales if at all possible
  • We will monitor premises closures under emergency legislation
  • We aim to respond to issues that arise, without visits unless essential.
  • The government has proposed legislation relating to street cafés and off sales of alcohol. This is being debated in Parliament on Monday 29 June and is expected to become law soon afterwards. We are looking at the implications of this, together with how we can introduce the changes as quickly as possible.

Renewal of existing driver and vehicle licences during COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we have limited access to essential IT systems used to process applications received. However, you will find all the information you need to renew your existing driver and vehicle licences below. All applications and supporting documents must be emailed to us at: If you are required to make a payment a member of staff will call you.

We are not taking phone calls so please email any enquiries to and we will reply to you by email. Please be patient and do not email chasing progress as this takes us away from processing applications, which is the priority.

We would like to thank you for your patience during this difficult time, but be assured that we are still working hard to ensure that you receive your renewed licences as soon as they are processed.