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Fostering allowance and payments 2020/2021


Fostering allowances are the amounts recommended by the Fostering Network to cover the costs of fostering a child. They are reviewed each year and do not affect any tax you pay or benefits you receive.

How does it work?

Payments on an Accreditation scheme

The payments are made for each child in addition to the age-related allowances.

Accreditation levels reflect the skills foster carers achieve through training and experience.

Most carers will start on Level 2.

  • Level 1: age-related allowances
  • Level 2: extra £25 per week per child
  • Level 3: extra £50 per week per child
  • Level 4: extra £90 per week per child

Fostering payments plus accreditation fees

This is the amount you will receive every week for each child you look after:

Age of child Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
0-4 £135 £160 £185 £225
5-10 £149 £174 £199 £239
11-15 £170 £195 £220 £260
16+ £198 £223 £248 £288

Additional payments


We automatically pay an extra one week’s fostering allowance just before the child’s birthday.

Christmas and other religions holidays

We pay an extra one week’s allowance at the beginning of December or in time for another major religious festival if this is more appropriate.


We pay an extra two weeks’ allowance for holidays. Let your supervising social worker know your holiday plans in advance and they will arrange payment of holiday allowance for you. You can still claim your holiday allowance for day trips if you are not going away on holiday.

Clothing, bedding, equipment and school uniform

When a child first comes to you, we will ensure that they have all the clothing, bedding and equipment they need. Replacement items are usually paid for out of the weekly allowance. We pay for school uniforms when a child starts/changes school.

Leisure fund

Additional payments are available to enable children to take part in leisure activities.