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Conservation areas

Certain parts of the city have been designated as conservation areas due to their special historical or architectural quality.

What is a conservation area?

Conservation areas are parts of the city that have been designated for their special historical or architectural quality. They are areas where the preservation or enhancement of the unique townscape is particularly important and they add much to the city in terms of attractive living environments, historical and cultural significance and high quality design.

There are currently 24 conservation areas in Leicester, which cover a variety of different urban environments from the former villages of Evington and Humberstone, to the Edwardian High Street or the suburb of Stoneygate.

A conservation area is a material consideration of a planning application and planning permission is required to demolish all buildings (over 115m3) within a conservation area. Mature trees within conservation areas also must be considered for protection before they can be felled.

Some conservation areas, particularly the suburban residential areas are covered by Article 4 Directions. Within these areas more strict planning controls are in place, which require planning permission to be obtained for external property alterations such as the replacement of windows and doors.

Details of the conservation areas can be found on the individual pages.

How do we protect conservation areas?

In conservation areas we aim to protect and if possible improve their qualities.

We ensure that:

  • Any building or development is carefully controlled so that it preserves or enhances the character or appearance of the area
  • Demolition of buildings is controlled
  • Trees are protected

Developing in conservation areas

New development and alterations to existing buildings can still take place in designated areas. However, there are national planning controls if your property is in a conservation area and guidance on these rules can be found on the quick link above.

You must contact us before starting work in a conservation area.

Article 4 Directions

In Leicester there are additional planning controls introduced under Article 4 Directions which cover most of the city’s conservation areas. Under a direction, any works that change the external appearance of a building, or affect its grounds may require planning permission. Contact us for more information. You can view a map of Article 4 areas in the city using the quick link at the top of this page.