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Computing and digital skills

Whether you are a beginner or already have some digital skills, there is a course to meet your needs and help you gain a qualification or employment.

Our Computing and Digital courses, for the absolute beginner to the more advanced, will allow you to learn, improve and develop your IT and Digital Skills. They will also help you to achieve IT qualifications that employers require their employees to have.

In addition, you will gain knowledge, understanding and skills in the digital age technology used worldwide today. With employers seeking people with today’s digital skills, this will put you at the front of the employment recruitment queue. New and exciting courses are on offer which will help you to keep up with the modern digital world of social technology and software. 

Computer skills for job search

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For learners who do not have the computing skills necessary to search for and apply for jobs electronically and would like to gain the skills and confidence to use Microsoft Office and the Internet. The course can be flexible and adapted to individual learners’ needs and interests e.g. producing a CV and covering letter; using the internet for job search and completing on-line applications; learning to touch type; creating and delivering an electronic presentation etc.


Computer skills for work (mixed level) 

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This flexible course allows learners to progress and work towards qualifications ranging from Entry 3 to Level 2.


Digital skills for beginners

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This is a short course designed to introduce complete beginners to using a computer finding what it can do for you in your everyday life. You will be shown the component parts of a computer; learn how to start up and shut down; use a mouse and keyboard; understand the desktop, use different icons; use MS Word to produce documents, access the internet to search for information and save data to a USB flash drive.


Internet safety for parents

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This is a recommended course for parents to learn about e-safety to keep you and your children safe on the internet. It is designed for learners who have limited knowledge of using the internet safely and will highlight and explain some of the dangers e.g. phishing, identity theft, piracy, malware, poor passwords. If this sparks an interest in learning more, you may want to enrol on further IT courses.


Level 1 certificate in animation

Course information

This course will allow you to gain an in depth introduction to animation. You will develop the skills required to plan animations and gather the images needed for the creative process. You will be encouraged to explore your potential as an animator and will produce simple finished animations by using the features and tools available. You will develop your knowledge of the animation industry, the roles within it and the skills and knowledge required.


Level 2 certificate in games development

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This qualification will allow you to produce your own game design ideas, consider the visual styles used in computer games, the software used in game art production, the development of art ideas, and produce your own artwork. You will then develop these into a functioning computer game.