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Get a parking permit

A parking permit scheme is in operation in some residential streets in Leicester. A residents parking permit costs £25 and lasts for 12 months. Applications for residents permits can be made online.

Where are the permit zones?

You can view list of eligible addresses below.

Street Eligible addresses Zone
Abingdon Road All properties E
Abingdon Walk All properties E
Alderton Close All residential properties G
Andover Street 9 - 21 odds, 32 - 38 evens E
Ariane Place All properties J
Ashleigh Road 1 - 39 odds, 2 - 52 evens F
Avon Street All properties E
Aylestone Road 65 - 101 odds B
Barclay Street 1 - 163 odds, 2 - 166 evens F
Bartholomew Street All properties E
Beaconsfield Road All properties F
Beagle Close All properties J
Beckingham Road All properties E
Bede Street 1 - 23 odds, 46 - 62 evens, 109 – 112 odds and evens F
Braunstone Gate Residents and businesses: 1 – 13 odds, 19 – 21 odds, 25 – 37 odds, 47 – 79 odds, 22 – 26 evens, 36 – 44 evens, 52 – 54 evens, 66 Businesses only: 2 – 20, 26 – 36, 58 - 64 F
Brazil Street 9 - 33 odds, 12 - 56 evens F
Briton Street All properties except 45A E
Brookhouse Avenue All properties E
Brookhouse Street All properties F
Browning Street All properties  
Bruce Street All properties F
Burnmoor Street 7 - 87 odds, 10 - 36 evens B
Buttermere Street 17 only B
Cambridge Street All properties F
Cedar Road All properties E
Celt Street All properties F
Chaucer Street All properties E
Churchill Street All properties E
Clarendon Street 85 - 89 odds, 94 - 134 evens D
Coleman Road 252 - 326 evens H
College Avenue All properties E
College Street All properties E
Conduit Street 44 only E
Conifer Close All properties E
Coniston Avenue 1 only B
Connaught Street All properties E
Coriander Road All properties C
Cranmer Street All properties F
Discovery Road All properties J
East Park Road 255 - 345 odds E
Eastleigh Road All properties F
Equity Road All properties F
Evington Footway All properties E
Evington Place All properties E
Evington Road

1 - 126 odds and evens, 129 and 131.

Excluded property 2C
Exploration Drive 49 – 55 odds J
Filbert Street 103 - 189 odds, 104 - 112 evens B
Filbert Street East 1 - 31 odds, 2 - 54 evens B
Fosse Road South 101 - 193 odds, 2 - 228 evens, 239, 241, 243 and 245 F
Gaul Street All properties F
Glebe Street All properties E
Gordon Avenue All properties E
Gotham Street All properties E
Grasmere Street 41 - 137 odds, 28 - 158 evens D
Guilford Street All properties E
Hamilton Street All properties E
Harrow Road All properties F
Hazel Street 1 - 43 odds, 2 - 38 evens B
Herschell Street

Residential: 1 – 47 odds, 51 – 69 odds, 2 – 52 evens

Businesses: 49
Highfield Street All properties E
Hinckley Road 2 - 88 evens F
Hobart Street All properties E
Ivy Road All properties F
Jarrom Street 93 - 167 odds, 102 - 216 evens D

Street Eligible addresses Zone
Lancaster Road 2 - 42 evens A
Latimer Street All properties F
Lincoln Street All properties E
Livingstone Street All properties F
London Road Residents: 50, 52, 60 - 220 evens, Businesses: 70, 72, 94a, 94b, 128 and 130 E
Lower Hasting Street 15 - 43 odds A
Luther Street All properties F

Other types of permit 

Each household can apply for one annual visitor permit. The cost of the permit is £30. It is issued free of charge to residents of the state pension age and residents requiring regular carer attendance.

You can also buy up to 30 visitor parking permits (scratchcards) per month at a cost of £2 per permit. Residents of Highfields South (zone E) and Westcotes (zone F) can also obtain visitor permits from pay and display machines by using a smartcard.

Business permits and maintenance permits are also available. Explanatory notes for these permits can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.

Applications for all above permits can be made online, using the quick link above.

Contractor permits (parking in pay-and-display bays and residents' parking bays only)

Day, weekly, 6 or 12 months permits are available for contractor vans and estate cars, which are liveried or display an A4 laminated company sign on the dashboard. Permits are valid Monday to Friday only and the following costs apply:

  • Day permits – £20 each
  • Weekly permits – £100 per week (Monday to Friday)
  • 6 months permits – £1,500
  • 12 months permits – £2,000.

Permits are only available online. Please use the quick link above to apply. Please submit your application at least ten working days in advance.

For further information please download ‘Explanatory notes – contractor parking permits’ attached below. 

Dispensation and suspension of bays

In certain circumstances where there are no alternatives, you can request the dispensation of some parking regulations. Some parking bays may also be suspended for sole use. Charges apply. For further information please email us

Important: Changes to parking permit rules and charges

We are introducing changes to parking permit rules and charges. Please see the documents, ‘More information on changes to permit rules and charges’ and ‘FAQs - new parking permit rules and charges’ in attachments below. 

The new permit rules for residents permits, visitor permits and smartcards were introduced on 9 July 2018. The new rules for business and maintenance permits were introduced on 17 September 2018.

Contact us

If you have any questions with regards to permits, please refer to the FAQs attached below.

For further questions on permits, please email us.
If you are having any issues accessing documents on this page, please send us an email.