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Information for landlords and managing agents

You can help us reduce unnecessary paperwork, costly phone calls and visits by keeping us informed of tenancy changes immediately.

By keeping us informed, it will enable us to provide a more efficient service to you and your tenants by sending correct bills, and awarding discounts and exemptions promptly.

We need landlords to:

  • Inform us by email of all changes in tenancy when they happen
  • Give the exact start and end dates of tenancies
  • Give the full names of each tenant
  • Give the previous and forwarding addresses of your tenants
  • Provide a copy of the tenancy agreement at the start of the tenancy
  • Give a contact phone number in case we have any questions we need to ask you.

How do I inform you of any of these changes?

You can inform us of any of these changes by emailing

Although you may think it unnecessary for you to provide this information, the law does require you to give it, so that we can see who needs to pay the council tax, and how much the charge should be. We can fine you, if you do not provide the information we ask for within 21 days of the request. 

Usually we will only consider backdating a change in our records to give you an exemption or discount for more than a short time if there is good reason why the information you are providing is late, and we can confirm the information is correct.