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FAQs about applying for housing

The guidance and FAQs here will answer any queries you may have before you apply for housing.

How do I apply?

The first thing you will need to do is see if you are eligible to apply to the housing register.


How do I apply?
Find out if you are eligible to apply for housing...

If you are eligible then you will be directed to the housing application form. After submitting your application form, you will be given your housing application reference number. You should make a note of it and keep it safe as you’ll need it later. You will then be given a link to find out what proofs you need to send to us to get your application fully registered.

How long will the application assessment take?

Once you’ve sent your proof documents to us, we’ll assess your application in line with our housing allocations policy, and will aim to do this within 28 working days.

We will write to you with an outcome once your application has been registered, to advise you whether or not your housing application is live, and if so, what band your application has been placed in, and what size of property you are eligible to bid for.

If your application is suspended or ineligible then we will advise you of the reason. So long as your application is live then you will then be able to start applying for properties.

What proofs do I need to provide?

This will depend on your circumstances. However, all applicants will be required to provide proof of their identity and their current address. If you have children then you will need to provide proof of child benefit. All applicants will also be required to provide proof of their eligibility for social housing if you have been made an offer of accommodation.

Try to make sure you provide all your proof documents at the same time, and don’t miss anything out. Things like proof of address should be recently dated, and documents should be clear and readable. If you don’t provide everything we need then this will cause delays and your application won’t get registered.

Further information about what proofs you need to send and where to send it will be provided via the website link after you have submitted your housing application form online.

What happens after my application is registered?

Your application will be assessed and we will write to you. If you have a live application you will be placed in one of three bands in line with the allocations policy depending on your housing need and eligibility. you’ll be able to start bidding for properties on the HomeChoice website.

How will I know what homes are available?

Every week we will advertise available homes on and in the weekly vacancy list, that is available to download at the bottom of the Apply for housing page. Alternatively, available on request at our Neighbourhood Housing Offices, Customer Service Centres, Libraries and Community Centres.

Will every available property be advertised?

We will try to advertise all available properties via Leicester HomeChoice. However, there may be occasions when we cannot advertise a property or we may have to withdraw a property from advert and the property will be allocated directly. This will only happen in very special circumstances, such as a property being required to temporarily house a family because a fire has occurred in their current home or other urgent cases. 

Can I apply for more than one property?

Yes. You are permitted to apply for up to three properties per week that would meet the housing needs relating to your application. Your three chosen properties are in no particular preference order.

How long will I have to respond to an advert?

The properties are advertised for six days from 6am Wednesday to midnight the following Monday. It makes no difference at what time or day you apply for the property you are interested in - it is not a first come, first served service.