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Connecting Leicester

Connecting Leicester continues to be central to my vision to create and provide a connected, safe and family friendly city centre. To create a thriving heart of the city, I have delivered a number of significant improvements to enhance the connections between shopping, leisure, heritage, housing and transport facilities in Leicester for the good of the city.

Our city certainly has a rich heritage, with many hidden gems, and the Connecting Leicester activities have been the focus for bringing together the many special buildings and places through a series of key projects.

Together, these changes revolve around: 

  • Removing barriers that make it difficult for people to move from one area to another
  • Making the city an attractive destination for shoppers, visitors, businesses and investors as well as a great place to live
  • Connecting different parts of the city centre and reducing the dominance of roads to help create an attractive and pedestrian-friendly environment
  • Helping businesses to flourish and to attract new visitors to what we know is an interesting and exciting place.

Continuing to evolve and develop the Connecting Leicester programme is vital for ensuring that Leicester is a successful city that will experience prolonged growth. The programme will see further transformation of Leicester into a city where every citizen feels like there is a sustainable way of making a journey within the city. At the heart of this ambition is a plan to consult on a workplace parking levy, as a measure to tackle problems associated with traffic congestion and air quality. 

You can find out more about the possible introduction of a workplace parking levy and other ongoing Connecting Leicester projects below. 

My priorities

  • Form a Leicester Bus Alliance to improve bus routes, reliability, frequency and affordability
  • Deliver the next phase of new rapid-transit bus corridors
  • Consult on a fair workplace parking levy to be used exclusively to fund a dramatic improvement to the city’s transport system
  • Continue to make the city even easier to walk around
  • Double cycling numbers between now and 2023, with continued investment in extending our segregated cycle network  
  • Enable better access between parking/bus stops and major attractions in the city centre for people with mobility issues
  • Develop signs that take visual, hidden and cognitive disabilities into consideration
  • Make a further 230 streets 20mph zones.