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Other ongoing projects

Plans and proposals for ongoing projects which are part of the Connecting Leicester programme.

Horsefair Street and Pocklington's Walk

We’re going to improve these streets which form a key route into the city centre from the south and especially for buses. Footways will be widened and segregated cycle facilities provided where necessary. Bus stops and taxi ranks will be relocated and the whole space made more user friendly. The footway and existing carriageway space will be reconstructed to provide improved footways and a contraflow cycle lane, with new paving block materials used along footpaths.

A new path will be formed within Town Hall Square to link to Dolphin Square and the Market with a raised crossing over Horsefair Street. 

This scheme is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund and work is due to get underway on the new Town Hall Square path in mid-February, with the main works due to begin in late-April. The overall improvement scheme will be carried out in phases to minimise disruption, but some road closures will be required. Details will be publicised closer to the start date. 

You can see plans and artist impressions below: 

Market Place South/Dolphin Square

As part of the continuing improvements to the market area, we are going to improve this street to complement the other works that have already taken place. This will include improving facilities for pedestrians and cyclists, and making circulation through the area much easier, especially for pedestrians.

In addition, a building has already been demolished to make a much better visual and physical pedestrian connection between the Market and Town Hall Square through Dolphin Square.

This scheme is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

You can see the plan below:

Abbey Park Road Improvements

We are planning to improve a stretch of Abbey Park Road to create a two-way cycle track. This will also introduce new bus-only lanes along a stretch of the road, between Abbey Lane and the road bridge across the River Soar.

The cycle track will be created on the opposite side of the road to Abbey Park, and the footpath will also be reconstructed and improved.

To make room for the new cycle track, the existing central reservation will be removed. Two lanes of traffic will be maintained on this side of the road, with the nearside lane due to converted into a bus lane.

The scheme will also involve the removal of existing car parking on Abbey Park Road, close to its junctions with Swithland Avenue. This will be subject to statutory consultation as part of the process of applying for a new traffic regulation order.

The improvement works will begin in mid-October 2019 and are expected to take approximately five months to complete.

You can see the plan below:

Clock Tower and Church Gate street improvements

We are planning to pedestrianise an area of the city centre to north of the Clock Tower. We hope to improve access for buses, taxis, cyclists and pedestrians, and support and encourage regeneration in the area. Key features of the plan include:

  • Construction of a bus and taxi only road across the former ABC cinema site.
  • Improvements to traffic flow and pedestrian safety on Mansfield Street.
  • A better pedestrian link between the Haymarket and St Margaret’s bus stations.
  • Pedestrianisation of part of Church Gate, Haymarket and part of Belgrave Gate.
  • An improved environment to create an area where people feel safe and want to visit.
  • A new taxi rank on Belgrave Gate near the theatre steps.
  • High quality surfacing to complement the existing city centre pedestrian zone.

Belgrave Gate improvements

We’re going to improve the stretch of the road linking Leicester’s Golden Mile to the city centre. The idea is to create a safer and more attractive route for pedestrians and cyclists along Belgrave Gate, from the new Haymarket Bus Station to Belgrave Circle.

A new off-road cycle lane will be created on both sides of Belgrave Gate, between Abbey Street and Burleys Way, and footpaths will be reconstructed. The road will be narrowed, with the traffic lanes reduce to one in each direction. The road will be resurfaced, with bus stops and new loading bays built in.

This work is currently being completed.

Improvements will also be proposed to the Burleys Way roundabout, with a new shared footpath and cycleway running underneath the flyover, proving a more direct and safer route along Belgrave Gate.

The existing Lotus Flowers public art are likely to be relocated to nearby Archdeacon Lane next to Charter Street, where a new bridge has been installed to provide an additional entrance into Abbey Park.

North of Burleys Way, a separate cycleway and footpath will be created along the central reservation, to link in with improvements made to Belgrave Circle following the removal of the flyover. This will require the removal of the existing inbound bus lane between Melton Street and St Mark's Street. 

This work will start later this year.

You can view the plans and artists impressions on the documents below:

York Road improvements

We’re going to improve the link between King Street, De Montfort University and Bede Park. The improvements include part pedestrianisation of a section of York Road leading onto Oxford Street from Upper Brown Street, and also a part of York Road towards Welford Road. There will still be vehicle access for residents and businesses as part of the proposals. In appearance, York Road will look similar to Silver Street, with the footway will be widened in some sections.

Traffic leaving Newark Street car park will be required to turn left onto Welford Road. Some improvements will be made to the car park itself too.

Bonners Lane will be made a one way towards Oxford Street. Traffic that turns left into Bonners Lane from Oxford Street will be able to access the area by turning left into Grange Lane. The junction between Carlton Street and Oxford Street will be opened to traffic. Alongside this, a segregated cycle way on Grange Lane with new crossing points is also being proposed. Public access will also be improved with new surfaces on the footways and the carriage way.

Work is programmed to begin in March 2019 and take up to five months to complete.

You can see the plan below:

Lancaster Road cycle improvement scheme

The next phase of the Connecting Leicester programme includes a safer and more direct cycle route between the Clarendon Park and the city centre. We are planning to create a new two-way cycle lane from the Queens Road/Victoria Park Road junction across Victoria Park and adjacent to Lancaster Road. The new cycle route is approximately 1km in length.

The new route will link with the recently completed cycle lane on Welford Road, creating a continuous and safer route for cyclists to and from the city centre. The proposals will also see improvements to existing footways and crossing facilities which will also be beneficial to pedestrians.

New cycle paths will be created across Victoria Park adjacent close to the existing footpath connecting Queens Road and Peace Walk, along the full length of Lancaster Road, including a short section through the edge of Nelson Mandela Park. The proposed cycleway on the north side of Lancaster Road between University Road and Tigers Way will be created by installing light segregation. This would segregate cyclists from general road traffic which should encourage cyclists of all abilities to use the cycle provision. The plans will involve the loss of up to approximately 20 pay and display parking spaces on Lancaster Road.

As part of this, Lancaster Road will be made one-way between its junction with De Montfort Street and the ring road. Traffic would no longer be able to turn onto Lancaster Road from Tigers Way.

You can see the proposals below:

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