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Coronavirus in Leicester - ALPHA

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Police and Crime Commissioner Elections postponed due to coronavirus -

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The results for Castle ward have been declared. Patrick Joseph Kitterick (Labour), Deborah Anne Sangster (Labour) and Lynn Senior (Labour) are elected. Turnout was 58.1%

Candidate Party Votes
Emily Meriel Elizabeth Davison The Conservative Party Candidate 1117
Robert William Fraser Durdin Leicester Indpendent Councillors Against Cuts 252
Alan Francis Fox Liberal Democrats – Stronger Economy Fairer Society 557
Leon Hadji-Nikolaou The Conservative Party Candidate 982
Thomas Melville March Hunnings Liberal Democrats – Stronger Economy Fairer Society 381
Tina Marie Johnson UK Independence Party (UKIP) 304
Patrick Joseph Kitterick Labour Party 2388
Mags Lewis The Green Party 1777
Zoey Debra Lucas UK Independence Party (UKIP) 310
Mohan Raghav Liberal Democrats – Stronger Economy Fairer Society 280
Deborah Anne Sangster Labour Party 1997
Lynn Senior Labour Party 2116
Hannah Rose Wakley The Green Party 1418
Chris Williams The Green Party 1196
Jamie Williams The Conservative Party Candidate 851
Mandy Wright UK Independence Party (UKIP) 232