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Coronavirus in Leicester - ALPHA

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Police and Crime Commissioner Elections postponed due to coronavirus -

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The results for Stoneygate ward have been declared. Lucia Carolyn Chaplin (Labour), Kirk Master (Labour) and Mohammed Aminur Thalukdar (Labour) are elected. Turnout was 62.7%

Candidate Party Votes
Afiea Akhtar Liberal Democrats - Stronger Economy Fairer Society 1272
Bob Ball The Green Party 799
Simon Paul Bates The Green Party 680
Lucia Carolyn Chaplin Labour Party 4334
Ranjit Singh Flora Liberal Democrats - Stronger Economy Fairer Society 545
John Michael Grant The Conservative Party Candidate 1057
Trevor Green UK Independence Party (UKIP) 222
Joanne Hassell UK Independence Party (UKIP) 218
Bejai Jay UK Independence Party (UKIP) 193
Lauren Grace Kelb-Lancaster Leicester Independent Councillors Against Cuts 196
Rebecca Helen Mary Lee The Conservative Party Candidate 838
Kirk Master Labour Party 4871
Michael Jeffrey Sackin The Green Party 476
Mohammed Aminur Thalukdar Labour Party 4779
Mukesh Lalitchandra Vaidya Liberal Democrats - Stronger Economy Fairer Society 359