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Warm Homes Fund

We have been successful with our bid for Warm Homes Funds from the National Grid to support the installation of new mains gas connections and first-time gas central heating systems into properties within Leicester city. The scheme is open to both home owners and private renting tenants. We have partnered with E.ON and City Energy in order to deliver the initiative.

What is the Warm Homes Fund?

The aim of this initiative is to deliver funded first-time central heating systems to eligible homes across Leicester.

If your home does not have central heating installed and you meet our eligibility criteria (below), you could get fully funded central heating set up in your home.

Eligible and successful applicants will have a brand new fully funded central heating system installed in their home. Switching to gas central heating can save households up to £350 each year on their annual fuel bill.

The £150m fund has been established by National Grid to support local authorities to address some of the issues affecting fuel poor households. Other funding for the initiative has been provided from public sector partners.

To deliver this initiative we are working in partnership with, E.ON and City Energy. You do not need to be an E.ON customer to apply.

Each applicant will be individually assessed. 

The property must either:

  • Not have mains gas as the primary source of heating.
  • Have no central heating system at all.

The household will reside in Leicester City.

If you do not meet any of the above criteria, but do not have central heating in your home, you can still apply as we may still be able to assist you. 

You can apply online.

Frequently asked questions

You do not have to be an E.ON customer to benefit from the scheme. E.ON are simply helping us to deliver the scheme. E.ON might also be able to provide additional energy efficiency measures such as loft and cavity wall insulation.

You will not be given any money as part of this scheme. All funding is dealt with by Leicester City Council. You will however benefit from having fully funded central heating in your home.

No, we are only able to install a central heating system where if there is not currently one installed in your home. Other schemes might be able to help you, please see our energy efficiency webpage.

You cannot apply for a new central heating system. Other schemes might be able to help you, please see our energy efficiency webpage.

Yes, you can if you are eligible. Simply apply online for more information.

Yes, households heated by storage heaters, electric radiators, solid fuel fires or gas fires are encouraged to apply so that we can check your eligibility for a free central heating system.

Yes, you can apply. We will check your eligibility and also if your home is connected to or is in close proximity to the mains gas network.

If you meet the eligibility criteria the gas connection will be free.

No, if you are either on a low income or in receipt of certain welfare benefits and you own your home you may be eligible.

Yes, you can apply if you are a private landlord. Simply apply online. The install will not be able to take place without your permission.

Yes, but we will need to obtain written approval from your landlord. Your landlord might be required to make a payment towards the cost of the install of the central heating system.

The central heating system is free (including the survey) if you meet our eligibility criteria so you will not have to pay anything and the good news is that it is a cost effective way to heat your home that should save you money. There is no obligation to proceed if you change your mind.

Gas is cheaper than electricity or oil and has the lowest carbon dioxide emissions apart from wood. Your new central heating system will include an A’ rated boiler, thermostatic radiator valves to better control your heat for each room, as well as a programmer and room thermostat to help you keep your home at a comfortable temperature without wasting fuel or heat.

Free loft and cavity wall insulation might be available through the scheme if you meet the eligibility criteria.

No, The installation can only be completed by one of our heating engineers.

It will take you approximately 1 hour.

It usually takes between 4-6 weeks to reach the installation stage.


You can also contact the Leicester City Warm Homes Fund team at E.ON by calling 0333 202 4481 (freephone) or by sending them an email.