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Personal budgets

We can give you a personal budget to spend on you social care support needs. It is spent to meet the care and support needs that are identified in your assessment.

Who can access this support?

Most people who have a care assessment and are eligible to receive ongoing support from us will be given a personal budget. People who won't be eligible for a personal budget include: 

  • those in residential care
  • people who need emergency support 
  • people who receive reablement services.

If you want to you can take your personal budget as a cash payment, we call this a direct payment. You can manage this yourself or someone can help you to do this. 

How much will my personal budget be?

Everyone’s budget will be different. It is based on an assessment of your needs.

We work out how much your support may cost, but the figure will only be a guide to the cost, and we will discuss your individual needs with you. 

You may have to pay a contribution towards the costs. This money, along with any money we give you, makes up your personal budget.

How will the money be paid to me?

If you choose to have a direct payments then the money will be paid into your bank account, or another person’s account on your behalf.

If you want us to manage your budget for you then you will not receive the money directly – we will arrange services for you.

What’s the difference between personal and individual budgets?

A personal budget is money allocated just for social care needs.  An individual budget includes funding for other needs as well as social care, such as health, housing and disabled facilities grants

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