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Read the latest news from Leicester City Council

Find our latest press releases, upcoming events in the city, and service updates.

Your council

Find out about the council, councillors, the City Mayor and Lord Mayor. See our plans and policies, current projects and consultations or find a job.

Your community

Find out about benefits, housing, council tax, waste and recycling services, registration of life events, community centres and safety and crime.

Your environment

Find out about our environmental services, policies and projects. Report problems, request bulky waste collections and much more.

Health and social care

See what social care services we provide for adults, children and families and how we can help with everyday living. Find out about our health and well-being services.

Planning and building

Find out about planning applications and building control. How to view and comment on applications.


See how we support growth, investment and work with businesses. Apply for a license or permit, or contact trading standards and health and safety.

Schools and learning

Find a nursery, school, college, childcare place, or adult education course. See grants available, home education and special educational needs information.

Transport and streets

We are responsible for maintaining the road network around Leicester, and also encouraging more people to use public transport, cycle or walk around the city.

Leisure and culture

Leicester is a vibrant multicultural city with plenty to offer residents and visitors. Find events, attractions, sporting facilities and more.

Your council

Find out more about your councillors, voting, and our policies, plans and strategies.

Find your councillor

Find out more about councillors and wards.