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Delays in planning services

We are experiencing high numbers of planning applications and requests for pre application advice. We apologise for any delays in responses to emails, calls and updates on other queries. Find out about new procedures we have in place to overcome these challenges

Property numbering

We have legal duty to ensure that streets are named and properties are numbered. We aim to establish a unique, clear and logical address with an accurate location for each property.

A registered address is important for:

  • Post to be delivered to the right location
  • Emergency services to find a property quickly
  • The occupier to access many services and utilities
  • Visitors to find where they want to go

Numbering of new properties

Owners/developers will encounter difficulties in obtaining mail, goods and services if they do not have an official address; for example, when registering with utility services, applying for a credit card or ordering goods.

It is very important that owners and developers apply to us for the street numbering process as soon as possible after work on any new build or conversion starts.

Once we have issued a development or property with numbers, we pass the information on to Royal Mail, utility companies, emergency services, council departments and other organisations.

Owners/developers need to ensure every property is clearly labelled with its official number to reduce problems with property location.

Large developments

Large developments which include new roads must contact us first, as numbers cannot be issued until a new road name has been approved. Please see the 'street naming' link above.

On new developments it is council policy not to issue numbers to individual plots until work has started on laying foundations.


Royal Mail will only issue a postcode to new addresses received from us. Developers should inform Royal Mail when a property is occupied so the address can be made live on their database. 

If you are having problems with your address or postcode please contact Royal Mail to check they have the address registered. If Royal Mail do not have the address or it is not correct please contact us.

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