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Delays in planning services

We are experiencing high numbers of planning applications and requests for pre application advice. We apologise for any delays in responses to emails, calls and updates on other queries. Find out about new procedures we have in place to overcome these challenges

Planning and building

Planning applications

If you are planning on carrying out building work on land or property that you own, you may require planning permission. Planning permission is a legal document, issued by us, which allows specific development at a particular site, for example building works or a change of use.


Our conservation staff offer expert input into the planning of new development and advice on the built environment, natural environment and archaeology.

Building control and regulations

Building regulations are there to ensure the health, safety and well-being of the public is maintained and buildings are designed to improve thermal performance and conserve fuel and power.

Property numbering

We have legal duty to ensure that streets are named and properties are numbered. We aim to establish a unique, clear and logical address with an accurate location for each property.

Local land charges

When you purchase a piece of land, a local land search will be submitted, highlighting any legal restrictions affecting the land or property.

Urban design and sustainability

Urban design aims to create sustainable urban environments with long-lasting structures, buildings and a great standard of living for people.


We investigate reports about building work which may have been done without planning permission, or possible breaches of planning permissions or conditions. We investigate an average of 800 suspected breaches of planning control every year.

Delays in planning services

We are experiencing unprecedented volumes of planning applications and requests for pre application advice.