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Delays in planning services

We are experiencing high numbers of planning applications and requests for pre application advice. We apologise for any delays in responses to emails, calls and updates on other queries. Find out about new procedures we have in place to overcome these challenges

The application process

When you submit a planning application there are a number of steps the application will go through before it is determined.

Planning applications are decided by the local planning authority in line with its development plan for the area – unless there are very good reasons to not do so.

Registration and validation

When a planning application is received, we will check it is valid and any required fee has been received. If we have everything we need, we will send the applicant or agent an acknowledgement within a few days. If not, we will write to say what else is needed. The application cannot be determined until it is technically complete.


We have to publicise most planning applications, and we are required to hold all applications on a public register. Any information supplied in connection with the application will be put on a public file and will be available to members of the public and organisations to inspect. The application will also be posted on the internet. We will blank out telephone numbers, email addresses and signatures before making it public online. To track the progress of the application please use the contact details at the bottom of this page to get in touch.

We also publish a weekly list of applications we have received, and for most applications, we will write to all adjoining owners and occupiers. In some cases a notice will be fixed near to the site and sometimes the application will be advertised in the Leicester Mercury. For applications requiring formal publicity, we have to allow at least 21 days for people to make comments.

Site inspection

The officer dealing with the application will need to visit the site. It would be helpful if the applicant can give a daytime contact name and number on the application form so arrangements can be made for access if necessary.

Requests for amendments

If the case officer thinks that the proposals are unsatisfactory but could be changed to make them more likely to be approved, the applicant will normally be asked to amend the plans. The applicant does not have to agree to this but the case officer will always try to explain the situation and help where they can. An unsatisfactory proposal is likely to be recommended for refusal.

Officer's report

The case officer will write a report which will recommend whether the application should be approved and if it is, what conditions should be attached, or whether the application should be refused.


The vast majority of decisions are made by senior officers who have delegated powers to decide applications on our behalf. A small number of decisions are made a by a committee of councillors - usually those with a high public interest. The decision notice will be sent to the applicant's agent if an agent has been used.

The 'scheme of delegation' attached below describes which development management decisions may be made under delegated powers. A revised scheme was introduced in April 2019.