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Delays in planning services

We are experiencing high numbers of planning applications and requests for pre application advice. We apologise for any delays in responses to emails, calls and updates on other queries. Find out about new procedures we have in place to overcome these challenges

Disabled access

We are committed to achieving the highest standards of inclusive design in our own projects and those we influence.

Inclusive design

Inclusive design should be a key principle of all new developments, and the needs of disabled, older and less mobile people should be incorporated from the outset.

Developments are required to meet the highest standards of accessibility and inclusion, based on inclusive design principles and the need to create 'lifetime neighbourhoods'.

Lifetime Homes standards

It is our policy to ensure that all new housing developments are designed to 'Lifetime Homes' standards so that they are adaptable enough to match lifetime’s changing needs.

The standards require a range of features that make housing more functional for everyone. They are based on 16 design criteria which cover both internal and external features of dwellings and also internal and external communal areas of blocks of dwellings.

The aim of these notes is to enable developers and the planning authority to achieve Lifetime Homes standards in all new housing units.