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Get help to stop smoking

In Leicester, approximately 2,800 of all hospital admissions (per 100,000) – are for smoking-related illnesses and over 400 people in Leicester die every year - all of which can be prevented by quitting smoking.

Along with the health benefits, quitting saves the average smoker over £150 a month and almost £2,000 a year. The cost to the NHS in Leicestershire is estimated to be around £58.8 million a year, and £17.8 million in Leicester.

Live Well Leicester provides behavioural support and treatment for up to 12 weeks to smokers in Leicester who want to quit.

Our stop smoking team can be contacted by email or by calling 0116 454 4000.


If you can make it to 28 days smokefree, you’re then 5 times more likely to stay quit for good. The main aim of Stoptober, which runs through October, is to get you to pledge to quit smoking for 28 days.

Stoptober offers a range of free support to help you including an app, daily emails, Facebook Messenger and lots of encouragement from the Stoptober online community on Facebook. In addition, you can get expert face-to-face advice from local stop smoking services. Those who use stop smoking aids and who get face-to-face support from their local stop smoking service are up to four times more likely to quit successfully.

Last year’s Stoptober campaign £25 million was saved by the 160,000 people not buying cigarettes. There's lots of free support to help you stop smoking for Stoptober on the following link:


Our Stop Smoking Service team has carried out research into the potential benefits of using e-cigarettes to help people in Leicestershire give up cigarettes, and anyone swapping cigarettes for e-cigarettes will be able to access our help.

Smoking in pregnancy

If you smoke when you’re pregnant, you put your unborn baby’s health at risk as well as your own. Smoking during pregnancy increases the risk of complications.

Watch our short video for more information on smoking in pregnancy. If you are pregnant and want to stop smoking, speak to your midwife.

Standardised packaging

All packs of cigarettes are now sold in plain, drab packaging and display prominent health warnings.

Evidence shows that plain packs are less attractive to young people and can help prevent them from starting to smoke in the first place. It is hoped the standard packs will make health warnings more effective and help persuade more smokers to give up.