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Walk to primary schools

WOW – Living Streets year-round walk to school challenge - encourages children to travel actively and sustainably to school (walk, cycle or park and stride) by rewarding them with collectible badges. Resources are available free of charge to a limited number of Leicester City schools each academic year.

What is WOW?

WOW reminds children already walking or cycling to school that they are doing a positive thing, whilst encouraging families that usually come by car to walk, cycle or park and stride on the days they can.

Children that travel on foot or bike for all or some of their journey to school – and do so at least once a week every week - will be rewarded with a badge at the end of each month. WOW badges have a different theme each academic year and are designed by pupils in Living Streets annual badge design competition. Previous themes have included', 'Around the World', 'When I Grow Up', and 'Inventions that Changed the World'.

On average, WOW schools see a 30% reduction in car journeys taken to the school gate and a 23% increase in walking rates.

How WOW works

Daily journeys are logged by pupils on an interactive Travel Tracker accessed through their class computer, tablet or whiteboard. Travel Tracker shows which pupils have earned a badge and school staff can run reports to see travel habits at a whole school or class level.

This data can be used in lesson activities as well as to track and celebrate improvements in walking rates. It can also be used to inform the School Travel Plan or as evidence for Eco-Schools, Healthy Schools or Modeshift STARS awards.

Living Streets will help school’s set-up and launch WOW as well as be on hand to offer any support needed once up and running. Curriculum-aligned resources that fit with the monthly badge topics are also provided.

Reasons to take part

  • Safety - not only is it a perfect time for children to learn important road safety skills, but more walking to school means fewer cars crowding the school gates.
  • Healthy body - children should get 60 minutes of physical activity a day. Walking to school goes a long way to achieving this goal. They'll also arrive in class fit, refreshed and ready to learn.
  • Eco-friendly - it's a cost-effective and fun way for everyone to do their part for the environment and air quality. Participation in WOW can be used towards achieving Eco-Schools wards.
  • Hidden treasures - walking to school can help children build confidence and independence, as well as develop their knowledge of their local community.
  • Fun and social - it's an ideal time for children and their families and friends to spend together.

Visit the Living Streets website to read about some of the ways WOW has made a difference at schools.

How to sign up

Free WOW resources are available to a limited number of Leicester City schools each academic year. To sign up or find out more contact Katie, your local Living Streets Coordinator, on 07808 640 305 or send her an email.

WOW can be adapted to suit your schools needs so please give Katie a call to discuss how the scheme could work best in your school. She can also visit to show you the resources and demonstrate how the Travel Tracker works.