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Crime prevention

Not all crimes are preventable, but there are actions that you can take to help reduce the risk of crime and make you less likely to be a victim of crime.

Preventing burglary

It is important not to be complacent when it comes to home security, as the majority of burglaries tend to occur when windows and doors are left open or unlocked. There are a number of measures that you can take to help reduce the chance of your house being burgled:

  • Simple security devices such as door and window locks, screws, padlocks and gates will help to deter burglars.
  • Security cameras (CCTV)
  • Exterior sensor lights will help to reduce the darkness outside of your house and deter burglars.
  • Installing an alarm system will also help to deter burglars effectively
  • It is important to not leave your keys in convenient hiding places (like under the doormat or in a flower pot) as they can be easily found.

Mobile phone theft

Be careful when using your phone in crime hotspots such as bus or train stations, and try not to make non-urgent calls in crowded, busy places. It is also beneficial to not leave your phone unattended in public places, whenever possible try to keep it out of sight in your pocket or bag to help prevent opportunist thieves. Be aware of what is happening around you and trust your instincts.

Register your phone with your operator, and make a note of your IMEI number (which can be found by keying in *#06#). If your phone is lost or stolen, both the SIM card and handset can be barred across all networks.

Business crime

Crimes against businesses are taken very seriously. We work together with partner agencies including the Leicestershire Police to reduce the likelihood of you and your business becoming subject to crime. Please visit the Leicestershire Police website to get further advice on business crime prevention and the measures that you can take.

You can also receive further support to protect your business from becoming vulnerable to crime. Please view the attached application form for more details on how to obtain a grant.

Vehicle crime

The likelihood of becoming a victim of car crime is increased when you leave items in your car, no matter how valuable they are. Reduce your risk of becoming a victim of vehicle crime by following these quick and easy safety steps:

Car Security

  • Always lock the doors, windows and sun roof when you leave the car (even when you go to pay for petrol).
  • Never leave anything on display in your car, take them with you or lock them in the boot.
  • Do not your leave satnav or any other valuable items in the glove compartment, thieves will usually check there first.
  • Never store your cars documents in the vehicle.
  • Remove the stereo if you can.
  • Keep your car keys out of sight, even in your house, so that someone breaking in cannot steal your car too.
  • You can secure older vehicles with a Thatcham-compliant immobiliser or steering lock
  • Consider having the windows etched with the car’s registration number or the last seven digits of the vehicle identification number (VIN), or some other unique identifying number linked to a recognised database.

Motorbike Security

  • Always lock your bike and set the alarm if it has one.
  • Lock your bike to something secure when leaving it for any length of time (at home you can fit special attachments to lock your bike).
  • Have the Motorbike marked with its vehicle identification number.

Bicycle Security

  • Always lock your bike
  • Avoid leaving your bike in an isolated area and/or dimly-lit place.
  • Get a good bike lock. Hardened D-shaped locks are the minimum standard.

Crime prevention products

You can also buy crime prevention products which are available at cost price from libraries and police stations. Please see the safety products brochure below for more information.

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