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Heritage at risk register

The purpose of the heritage at risk register is to identify the difficulties of heritage assets and to prioritise action on identifying ways to secure our most vulnerable heritage assets.

To be included on the heritage at risk register, buildings, monuments or structures need to show the following:

  • There needs to be a degree of structural deterioration
  • if the building, structure or monument is vacant or unsecured then the degree of risk is higher.

As of October 2017, Leicester has 402 listed buildings, 6 historic parks and gardens and 10 scheduled monuments; all of which are designated and protected through national legislation. In addition to this, there are 24 locally designated conservation areas and 379 locally designated heritage assets.

Although the vast majority of these heritage assets remain in active use and are well-maintained, a small number are in poor condition, usually as the result of redundant use, long-term vacancy or neglect. These heritage assets are suffering from a lack of regular maintenance and its associated problems, such as failing roofs, broken windows and unauthorised access, putting the heritage asset at risk.

The first publication of the new Leicester heritage at risk register can be found below.