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Apply for a Blue Badge

The Blue Badge allows people with severe mobility problems caused by visible and non-visible (hidden) disabilities additional parking rights. You can use the badge in any vehicle you travel in. Applying online is the quickest and easiest way.

New Blue Badge criteria

Due to the introduction of a new Blue Badge criteria from 30 August 2019, there may be an increase of applications submitted. During this time there may be some delays in assessing new applications and processing renewals. Please allow up to ten weeks to process your application.

What's new?

The Department for Transport (DfT) has announced the change in criteria allows those with hidden disabilities such as; autism, dementia and mental health conditions could also be eligible to apply for a Blue Badge.

If you believe you may be eligible under the new legislation, please read the new criteria below very carefully as not all hidden disabilities will mean eligibility for a Blue Badge.

Do I qualify for a Blue Badge? 

There are two different types of Blue Badge applications: automatic and discretionary;


Automatic applications are to be completed by people who are registered blind and/or receive a disability related benefit or payment.

You will automatically qualify for a Blue Badge if you:

  • receive the Higher Rate of the Mobility Component of Disability Living Allowance (HRMCDLA)
  • receive eight points or more under the 'Moving Around' descriptor of the mobility component of the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) or score 10 points under Activity 11, descriptor E in the 'planning and following a journey' part of the mobility component, which states 'you cannot undertake any journeys because it would cause overwhelming psychological distress'.
  • are registered blind (severely sight impaired)
  • receive a War Pensioner’s Mobility Supplement
  • have been awarded a lump sum benefit at tariff 1-8 of the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme and have been certified as having a permanent and substantial disability which causes inability to walk or very considerable difficulty in walking.


Discretionary applications are completed by people who are not automatically eligible. You should apply for a discretionary badge if you have long term problems with walking - including problems caused by stress, anxiety or other mental health issues, or you are applying on behalf of a child in similar circumstances.

You may be eligible for a discretionary badge if you:

  • have an enduring and substantial disability that causes inability to walk or very considerable difficulty in walking, which may include very considerable psychological distress
  • drive a vehicle regularly, have a severe disability in both arms and have considerable difficulty in operating all, or some types of parking meter
  • are aged under three years and have to be accompanied everywhere by bulky medical equipment
  • are at risk of serious harm, or pose a risk of serious harm to any other person, when walking
  • are an organisation caring for disabled people meeting the eligibility criteria.

Further information can be found on the Citizens Advice website and also at GOV.UK - blue badge scheme

How do I apply?

You can apply online through GOV.UK

New applications and renewals can be made. You can also upload your supporting documentation. This is the fastest method of applying.

Having trouble getting online?

If you don't have access to a computer, go to one of our self-service centres.

If you can’t apply online you can download and complete a printable form. When applying, please make sure that you complete the application correctly and include the documents that you are asked for.


A number of third party websites charge up to £50 to process blue badge applications. Please avoid these websites and only use the official GOV.UK - apply for a blue badge website.

Frequently asked questions

Please note: Due to system changes there will be a delay in sending out Blue Badge reminder letters. We apologise for any inconvenience.

If you already have a Blue Badge that needs renewing, a new application will need to be completed.

Replacement badges are available at a cost of £10. You can reapply for a Blue Badge on GOV.UK.

You should hear back from us within a week. You might be asked to attend a mobility assessment or to provide more supporting evidence.

It can take up to ten weeks to process a fully completed application. It may take longer if you do not provide enough evidence to confirm eligibility and/or are required to attend an assessment.

You will be contacted to make a payment of £10 if your application is successful.

If you are issued with a Blue Badge, you will be contacted to make a payment of £10 online or over the phone. Leicester City Council does not accept cash or cheque payments for Blue Badges.

You’ll need to renew your badge after 3 years, or when you stop receiving the benefit your badge is linked to - for example DLA or PIP. You will be reminded to do this before the badge expires.

We will write to you when you need to renew your badge. The reminder letter will include:
  • When your badge expires
  • Instructions for how to return your expired badge
  • A unique code to speedup renewing your badge using the online application.

You will receive a notification if your application is refused. If you are refused a Blue Badge, you can ask your council to reconsider their decision within 28 days. Details of this will be provided when decision is made.

You must return your Blue Badge back to your council once it expires or if you no longer need it, for example if your condition improves.

Misuse of a Blue Badge can lead to £1000 fine.

With a Blue Badge, you can:

  • Park for up to three hours on a single or double yellow line as long as there are no loading restrictions. The clock on the badge must be set to show your time of arrival.
  • Park without a time limit at a pay and display parking bay (free of charge).
  • Park on resident parking permit bays without a time limit.

The badge can only be used where the holder is a passenger to or from the parking location. You can also use your Blue Badge throughout the European Union, although the terms may vary between countries. Check EU Blue Badge rules before you go.

You should not hold more than one blue badge at any given time or share your blue badge.

More information on how and where to use your badge can be found on the Citizens Advice website and also at GOV.UK - blue badge scheme

Misuse of Blue Badges

Misuse of Blue Badges

Misusing your Blue Badge is a criminal offence. You can report the misuse of a Blue Badge online using this form.

More information on Blue Badge misuse can be found on the Citizens Advice Bureau website.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

Newarke Street Car Park uses a parking management system that will use ANPR.

Blue Badge holders will still be able to park in this car park for free. Please report to the Attendant’s Office, where your ticket will be validated. You will be able to make an online request for a Blue Badge from May 2019. Further details on how to register will be available soon. 

Contact us

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If you have problems with this page or your application, please send us an email using the link above.